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About Me

One of the bean sprouts in my garden this year

Where'd I come From?

I'm just an East Texas girl with a passion for photography! 

Born on Jan 20th, 1987 in Texas and raised all over the U.S. My love of photography started at a very young age. I remember using rolls and rolls of 35mm film, trying to capture exactly what I was seeing at the time and not understanding why my trees, clouds and animals, never looked exactly right. After years of experience, classes and oh so many hours spent taking shots at the wrong angles in the wrong lighting, I can finally say that my skills as a photographer have grown....just a bit. I love the challenge of capturing, not only the moment, but also the energy of the scene that is unfolding in front of my lens. Photography to me means more than just taking pictures, it means preserving the memories that my subjects have entrusted me with. Whether it is headshots, weddings, family portraits or me snapping the thousandth picture of my little dog Pippit, I put the same amount of energy and detail into every single shot.

My Style

I love any and every kind of photography but I do in fact have favorite styles. 

Weddings are always fun to do! Being trusted with capturing the moments they will look at for the rest of their lives is a huge responsibility not to be taken lightly. With weddings in particular, I pay specific attention to the candid shots. Those are the ones that capture the real emotions. 

Next would be sports shots! I absolute love doing action photography. it is such a challenge to get that perfect shot of your child sliding in to home plate, catching the game winning touchdown or swinging through the last drive on the 18th hole of the day. I promise, I'll be there to catch it!

The next would have to be family portraits. I love seeing how families interact with each other and catching that perfect shot that shows the love and affection between the family is my one and only goal. Every other shot is just a plus!

What's My Job?

My job as a photographer is plain and simple. To preserve the special moments and memories so you can call upon them at a later date to remember exactly what you were feeling at that moment in time. Making you happy is more important that making money so I don't have a set price for any of my photos. Message me and we will talk about your needs and I will tailor my pricing for you specifically. Every occasion is unique and I believe they should be priced as such. 

Please consider "Sasha Bee Photography" for all of your photography needs! 

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